The Timber Hen® Call

  • The Timber Hen® Call
    The Timber Hen® CallThe Timber Hen® Call

    The Timber Hen® Call

    The Timber Hen was made exclusively for RecLand Gear and houses the Duck Commander® patented, Double Reed, friction-fit system. It is tuned to be easy to blow and designed to be earthy & rustic. The call's soft and easy-to-blow features make it a great finishing call when ducks are working close or when you're hunting in flooded timber, sloughs & brakes and need that soft tone without the echo of acrylic or poly calls. 

    She's not fancy...she's soft & raspy! 

    • • Oak and High Impact Plastic
    • • Double-reed, friction fit system
    • • Designed for easy blowing and soft tones
    • • Duck Commander® & RecLand Gear® logos burned
        into the barrel 
    • • Checkout the video of how the call was designed
        at the bottom of our home page.

    Since it's an unstained oak barrel, no two calls are the same. Your call may be lighter or darker than the image shown here.

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